Chillingham Castle


Location:Northumberland, N.E. England

At Chillingham Castle you can hear so many stories about the different ghosts that live at the castle.

The most important is that of the radiant boy. He appears from nowhere and is full of a golden light, his appearance produces a huge ray of light.. He is is to have a gentle smile and  seams peaceful. The legend says that those who see him are destined to have great power,  but a very violent death produced by a damaging force.

Another famous ghost is that of Lady Grey. It is said that she is looking for her husband that run away with her sister. This was a great scandal during the reign of Charles II. She floats around the corridors of the hallway of the castle and stands in front of her picture, makes a low sound of pain and continues through the castle. She usually does not appear but her footsteps can be heard.



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