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The most haunted castles.

SUGAR LAND, TX -October 19, 2001 - Castles of the World has launched a new website, “” in it, you will come face to face with places known for the haunted legends that have been part of their history. We are promoting our Best Castles of England and Ireland tour where travelers will visit famous haunted castles. Most castles can only be visited in daylight hours or through special permission of the owners. However, some have been converted into hotels or have at least some rooms visitors can stay in. So come on, take the trip of a lifetime and visit the ten spooky haunted castles listed below. The trip includes a stay at two castle hotels where, according to the owner or other guests, ghosts are still roaming the halls!

At Caernarfon you might see the ghosts of English soldiers sent to guard the town against the native Welsh. In 1719 Eilean Donan was occupied by the Spanish troops and it is said that the ghosts of these troops haunt the castle to this very day. King Henry VIII has been seen by some haunting the hallways of Windsor Castle. His footsteps, along with agonizing moans, have been heard by many guests of the castle. The most persistent ghost in the Tower of London is said to be that of the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII. Legends tell of Glamis Castle to be home to a vampire, a witch, and several ghosts. The ghost of a black dog has been seen at Leeds Castle, according to local lore. 

Not all tales of hauntings are scary; sometimes people hear a song being sung near a window when nobody is there. At Inveraray Castle a ghost has been seen playing the harp, and at Edinburgh Castle the ghost of a headless drummer and a piper playing on the battlements have been seen spotted by some. A ghost piper is even said to play his haunted song in the grounds of the castle! In the past some people have claimed to see a man or woman in old-time clothes walking through a closed and locked door, and a spirit called "The White Lady" is rumored to often take walks along the edge of St. Andrews Castle.

The ghost that haunts Ballygally Castle, which has been turned into a hotel, is said to be Lady Shaw, Who enjoys herself knocking at doors of the different hotel rooms. The ghost of the Gray Lady has been seen by some wandering the battlements or the banquet hall of Ruthin Castle- Hotel

On our tour you may encounter something “not of this world”, castles that may be haunted by ghosts and things beyond all explanation. Sometimes it's a feeling of cold, or a sense that somebody is in a room who can't be seen. We invite you to embark on this grand tour of these spooky castles with the knowledgeable staff of Castles of the World is now accepting reservations for their tours in July and in September. For more information, visit

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